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This site is created to provide people with HSV-1 & HSV-2 with the latest and most useful info on how to meet people with H & dating with Genital Herpes.

It seems as though having something such as H is quite a roller coaster ride. At first you go through the shock of not believing that it happened to you and how in the world you are going to deal with the fear and rejection. Next you become angry, angry at your partner, angry at yourself. Next you begin to feel sorry for yourself and wonder how you will ever be able to live with this disease.

Fortunately, there are many support groups and dating sites for people with Herpes. Do not let your condition dictate your life. You are not less of a person because of it. We all make mistakes in life. You just have to pick yourself up and adjust the best way you can. This will only make you stronger. will help you learn how to deal with the condition and meet others with Herpes for dating and support.

People With Herpes Info

Women with Herpes signs, symptoms, treatments and pictures.
Men with Herpes signs, symptoms, treatments and pictures.
How to meet & date single women & men with H.

Which HSV dating site has the largest number of users in your area.
Are all the dating sites safe and anonymous
Why HSV dating sites are so popular

Dating after the initial shock of your STD
How to suppress outbreaks on date
Respect each other by not asking how they discover STD

Herpes Stories

Real dating success stories from the members of the best HSV dating sites
Inspirational stories help you learn how to deal with your condition
Treatment stories help you find out some efficient treatments

Herpes FAQ

If I have HSV-2 could I perform oral sex on a partner
What is the chance of passing HSV to a partner
How can I tell when shedding occurs? I was recently diagnosed with HSV-1

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